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Lake Sweep Report
This information will be sent to Scott Calderwood

SHORELINE PROBLEMS observed and LOCATED. Please include longitude and latitude if possible. Include problems such as:

  • Derelict boats, ramps or docks in serious disrepair. Note registration number (or lack of same).

  • Signs, other than for navigation, registration, or manufacturer ID; OR signs in serious disrepair.

  • Significant erosion from land disturbing activities, not contained by appropriate barriers.

  • Large floating trees, dock floats, or other debris too bulky for removal by the sweep crews.

  • Seeping/failed septic systems, odors, oily films, heavy scum, fish kills, as well as any other unusual flotsam. 

  • Hydrilla or other noxious/invasive aquatic weeds which are not normally visible in winter or spring.

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