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Apologies but the 2023 Dock Pro Program is full.


Friends of Lake Keowee Society (FOLKS) is submitting a second Keowee-Toxaway Habitat Enhancement Project (KTHEP) grant from Duke Energy that will purchase 50-100 Mossback Dock Pro Kits fish attractor kits for installation under private docks on Lake Keowee. These will be offered free of charge to Lake Keowee residents, with the agreement that it will be installed under your dock on Lake Keowee. The locations of all kits will be kept private. To be included in this grant application, you must have a permitted dock on Lake Keowee and agree to have the kit installed under your dock.


The Mossback Dock Pro Kit comes with three pieces that attach with cables to the underside of docks. They are very easy to assemble and install. Volunteers can help with the assembly and installation process. 


The Mossback Dock Pro Kit allows you to suspend vertical habitat underneath your dock or pier in shallow water by suspending a Safe Haven and two Trophy Trees vertically with the included cable kits. Made from 100% American made and recycled PVC that is both eco-friendly and durable, our artificial habitats last a lifetime so you will never have to worry about maintaining or replacing it. These attractors are ideal habitat for bass, crappie, catfish, bluegill, and more!


The Cable/Hardware Kit (boxed weighs 50 lbs) comes with everything needed to attach to floating docks. It consists of a 4’ nylon coated stainless steel cable with aluminum swag loops on each end, a 4.5” bolt and nut, a stainless steel quick link, and a 12” piece of stainless steel chain. One end of the cable will be held to the center of the pipe with the bolt and the other will wrap around a cross member or beam of the underside of the dock structure.

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